Doorway Fitness Tower

$ 150.00


The new and innovative equipment introduced the Parallel Bars into the “Doorway Gym System”, expanding the quantity and type of exercises to be performed in the Doorway System. The DFT Station made possible to workout almost the whole body in the Doorway System, helping people strengthen more group of muscles and increase their overall wellbeing by using their own bodyweight only. 

This equipment covers doors up to 36 inches wide if your door is wider than that you must buy the extensions

The DFT has two main exercises that characterize it as unique: 

  • Dip on Parallel Bar
  • Vertical Leg Hip Raise
    1. Dip Exercise on Parallel Bar is definitely the most effective bodyweight exercise to increasing chest and triceps strength. The DFT is the first device that introduces Dip Exercise on a real Parallel Bar in the Doorway System. 
    2. Vertical Leg Hip Raise on Parallel Bar, is one of the most effective exercises to burn belly fat and redefine the lower abs. DFT introduces in the Doorway System, a new option to exercise the abdominals and oblique on Parallel Bar, without swing the body back and forward.