Innovative Workout Solution - Unmatched Functionality

US International and Foreign Patents Pending





  • The unique design meets most door frames of 24 to 36 inches wide screw-less

  • High-grade steel, comfortable removable arms/elbows support and multiple hand grips 

  • Unique, vertical telescopic parallel bars
  • Lightweight, multifunctional, portable and very convenient

  • Simple to assemble, disassemble and store after use









  • The new Pull up Dip Station is easy to assemble and disassemble, so the user can keep it in a place where it will be out of the way after use.
  • The Back support and the Arms/elbows support are removable in order to perform other bodyweight exercises and for better storage.
  • The unit has a small Back support, which allows the user to protect the lower back and control the balance of the body, avoiding the introduction of inertia in the movement (avoiding swing back and forward), especially during abdominal exercises

The DFT is made with high steel: vertical parallel bars 1.5 thickness and Horizontal parallel bars 2.0 thickness. That means that this steel can support more than 200lb. We recommend 200lb maximum because most of the people who weigh more can’t lift their own body weight. However, if you weigh between 201-250lb and you are strong enough to lift your own body weight. That will not be a problem for this equipment.