Home Builders: A Unique Appliance To Fit Naturally Into A New Home

Opportunity - What better way to attract potential clients than to offer health and fitness in the comfort of their new home. When you offer the Doorway Fitness Tower by Fitnatural, you are going outside-of-the-box to give your new homeowners a unique, amenity option.

Solution - Fitnatural would like to partner with you to give your potential home buyers the option to include our Doorway Fitness Tower as an appliance selection.

Market Asset - Everyone thinks about their health and fitness. By offering the Doorway Fitness Tower as an additional appliance selection, you are giving them another way to enjoy their new home and possibly save them money on monthly, gym memberships.

Why Us/Our Product - We are former track and field performance athletes from Cuba. We both pursued higher educations in the areas of our interests, and we now reside in Miami, FL where we work as personal trainers. We have used our expertise, knowledge, and experience to create our Doorway Fitness Tower while addressing the needs and wants of anyone interested in keeping in shape. After researching our options of utilizing domestic or foreign manufacturers, we have created a small, local production in Miami, FL. We understand the importance of quality, and we use the highest quality of materials and construction. 

How Can We Work With You? - Our concept is simple, and we want to make it fun and easy for your sales staff and your potential home buyers. We are extremely honored to have a chance to show you how our product's quality will speak for itself.  Contact us to see how you can have this unique opportunity to add a new, optional amenity that may help promote your sales. A unique appliance that can fit naturally into a new home.