About Us


Originally founded by two friends, Ivan Belen and Alexis Tellez:

Both born in Santiago de Cuba. They are Former Cuban National Track and Field Team performance athletes.

Ivan specialty was pool vault. This kind of specialty involves all body muscles; it’s really technical and difficult to perform. In the middle time he get a diploma from Hernest Thaelmann the Technical School of Matanza, Cuba as technician of the mechanical quality control of industrial products.

In 1994 he came to United States full of expectations and happiness to enjoy his freedom as a person. He took his certifications as personal trainer and he worked in different gyms in the Miami area. Simultaneously, he was acting in a TV program (Caso Cerrado – Telemundo).

Alexis specialty was speed (100mt.). He gets some good results in international competitions, so that he enjoyed the opportunity to travel throughout Europe with the National Team. In the middle time he get his diploma from the ISCF Institute Superior of Culture Physical – Manuel Fajardo, Santiago de Cuba.


We are childhood friends from Cuba who found themselves living in Miami Beach and continue to work in the fitness arena as Personal Trainers. We spent many time talking about a new way to workout at home in the Doorway System.

Inspired by the apparatus well known as Fitness Tower. We thought of introducing the Parallel Bars on the Doorway System, and therein the origin and the birth of Doorway Fitness Tower (DFT).

We put all our expertise, knowledge, and experience into creating the DFT, addressing and using the needs and wants of regular people.

After dealing with different domestic and foreign manufactures, we decided to go forward with our own ability. We create a small local production in MIAMI, FL.

Coming in to the market with a new product, we know how much is important the QUALITY. So we use the highest quality of materials and construction.

With our own hands we make assembly and finishing the DFT.

We wish you like it.....