Doorway Fitness Tower

The new and innovative equipment expanding the quantity and type of bodyweight exercises to be performed in the Doorway System.

The DFT is Designed to workout almost the entire body:

    • Pull-up (back, shoulders, biceps, abs) 
    • Horizontal Pull-up (back, shoulders, biceps, abs) 
    • Push-up (chest, shoulders, triceps, abs) 
    • Dip (chest, triceps, abs)
    • Core (abs, oblique, lower back)
    • Lower Body: Squats and Lunges (legs)
    • Stretching (legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms)

The new and innovative equipment introduced the Parallel Bars into the “Doorway Gym System”, expanding the quantity and type of exercises to be performed in the Doorway System. The DFT Station made possible to workout almost the whole body in the Doorway System, helping people streng