Why workout from home makes you lose weight faster September 03 2018

Why workout from home makes you lose weight fasterWe all know workout will make us healthier, stronger, live longer and relax more. But every time we try to put a workout session into our crazy busy days, it just couldn't last long.  Just thinking about 30 minutes driving from your home to the gym, then another 30 minutes driving back, you already feel tired.  But if you don't go to the gym, how can you work out and how can you lose weight? Fortunately, instead of wasting 1 hour every day to drive back and forth to your gym, you can work out from home. And indeed, working out from home makes you lose weight faster.

Here's why.

1. You can wear anything you want to

If you are a girl, chances are you have to brush your hair and apply a little bit of makeup on your face before you step one foot out your door, even in the time you go to the gym. Then you will waste some time figuring which clothes to wear that day. If you are a boy, at least you will need to find a shirt that isn't too tight and shows your love handles.

But working out from home doesn't require you to change into anything uncomfortable. In fact, you can wear whatever you like, or not wear anything at all. You can still do your workout and no one presses charges against you.

2. You don't need fancy equipment

You might think you need one specific equipment for every single muscle group in your body. But you don't. At the end of the day, it is you who has to put on the work, not the machine. So as long as you work your body, you can lose weight.

Doorway Fitness Tower is one of the most innovative equipment that allows you to work your whole body and every muscle group with just one equipment.

3. You can get some snack before and after your workout session

You get hungry. But you cannot get off the treadmill to get a snack, or taking a bite of your energy bar every few minutes. People will look at you and start wondering why you even come to the gym.

Well, you get tired if you don't. A light snack before and after a workout helps to keep your blood pressure stable.

4. You can have your favorite music running out loud

We all love music. But if you go to the gym, you cannot turn on your music out loud while doing your exercises. It's just inconvenient and inappropriate.


Stay at home. Workout, do your dance moves and turn your music as loud as you want.

5. You can see your muscles working

Remember what I said about wearing comfortable clothes or not wearing anything at all? If you don't wear a lot of clothes, you can see your muscles working, which will keep you motivated to work a little bit harder.