Why a Strong Core Is More Important Than Flashy Abs June 09 2018

CoreBuilding strong core muscles is about more than killer abs. The core encompasses the lower back, obliques, and upper, middle, and lower abdominal muscles. Together, this powerhouse supports the body's postural chain. Core strength is essential for erect posture, good balance, and countering the forward slump that often occurs from too much sitting. A few daily exercises to strengthen the core can help you stand taller and move with more power and confidence. The Doorway Fitness Tower makes it easy to perform core exercises at home. No mat or floor equipment needed! Remember, for maximum benefits, to keep your core muscles engaged as you perform these exercises. Imagine that you're always pulling your belly button toward your spine.  

For strengthening the back:

Perform the horizontal pull-up and diagonal push-up, advancing with time to regular pull-ups and push-ups. Start with a wide stance and gradually bring your feet to shoulder width or closer as you get stronger.

For abdominals and obliques:

Use the parallel bar to support the upper body while using the abdominal muscles to raise and lower the lower body. Holding the upper body still helps to isolate and work the upper, lower, and middle abdominals and oblique muscles. The Doorway Fitness Tower includes back support and arm and elbow support to minimize upper body involvement to fully target the core muscles.

A core-focused workout can be brief yet give you an immediate boost. It can be a great way to start your day or can help counteract the mid-day desk slump. Or if you spend a lot of time on your feet, a stronger core will reduce or prevent lower back pain. Along with more erect posture, you'll also have better breathing, greater stability, and overall better health.

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