The Solution For People Who Want To Do Pull-Ups, But Can't June 07 2018

Horizontal Pull-UpsContrary to popular belief, the ability to do a pull-up doesn't mean that you are stronger than someone who cannot. This is why many people are under the impression that hitting the gym and lifting weights will aid them in their quest to master the pull-up bar, but that's not necessarily the case. Quite frankly, the muscles that are used when attempting a pull-up are inconveniently placed and not usually reached through conventional exercises. Because pull-up training focuses on very specific muscles that require very specific exercises, the DFT is the perfect fit for your 'beginner' needs. Instead of installing a regular pull-up bar in your home, you would benefit more from our product that is uniquely designed to walk you through your training from beginner to beast.

How it works

Everyone can benefit from using the DFT; it's inclusive of all body types and skill levels. 

Easily adjustable and well built, the DFT can help master many tricky exercises from the comfort of your home, including the daunting pull-up bar. 

The DFT has multiple positions that will help you strengthen the required muscle groups needed in order to do a proper pull-up.

The horizontal pull-up function is by far the best choice for beginners who can't do a pull-up for any reason, building strength in your back, shoulders, trapezius, and biceps.

Training at home

The DFT comes with a user manual that will give you an in-depth description of the different available exercises. 

For all intents and purposes, the DFT is your portable at-home personal fitness trainer. Just like with any personal trainer, safety is the number one priority.

As you advance in skill, you will easily be able to adjust the machine according to your ever-growing strength level.

With the DFT attached to your doorway, you will be doing pull-ups in no time!


Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to be of assistance regarding any of your fitness needs.