The Power and Versatility of Bodyweight Exercise June 16 2018

The Power and Versatility of Bodyweight ExerciseYou don't need a gym full of equipment to exercise. Your own bodyweight provides all the resistance you need to get an effective workout. Especially as you progress, you'll be looking for more ways to vary your bodyweight workouts.

That's where the Doorway Fitness Tower comes in. Lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble and disassemble, the DFT gives you an easy way to add that challenge and variety to your bodyweight workouts. Take a look:


Muscle & Fitness called bodyweight squats one of their top five best bodyweight exercises. By using the DFT for your squats, you can work through a deeper range of motion while maintaining proper form, and you have the added benefit of balance when you're doing your single-leg squats. Single-leg squats are a challenging exercise, but as this article says, there are a lot of benefits to training one leg at a time:

"Single-leg exercises engage smaller muscles like the abductors, gluteus medius, and quadratus lumborum in ways we can't duplicate training two legs at a time. This translates into more balanced growth and development."


Pull-ups are the go-to exercise for your back, working your middle and lower trapezius, rhomboids, and lats, not to mention the biceps; they're also mentioned in the Muscle & Fitness top five bodyweight exercises. However, you need some equipment, like the Doorway Fitness Tower, to be able to work on your pull-ups. 

You can start by practicing your horizontal pull-ups. The DFT has a set of lower handles, so you can get under them, face up with your feet on the floor. Hold the handles and pull your body toward them. 


The push-up is a great exercise for the chest as well as the arms and the entire core, which has to work to stabilize the body for this exercise. The DFT offers the option of the diagonal push-up, which is effective but easier than the traditional version. Simply place your hands on the DFT bar instead of the floor, maintain a straight line through your body from head to feet, and do your push-ups at that angle.


Push-ups and pull-ups are good for the arms, but when it comes to the triceps, you can't forget the dips: Men's Fitness called it one of the most effective triceps exercises. A beginner can keep the feet on the floor with the knees bent; when you're ready to progress, you can straighten your legs and put your feet on a chair. Finally, you can do the dips with no support at all.

You can also do triceps extensions on the DFT by holding the bar in front of you, face toward the floor. Changes in your foot position will make the exercise more or less challenging.


The Doorway Fitness Tower allows for a wide range of hanging leg raise variations: legs bent, legs straight, twisting, single leg, and combinations of those options. An article from the American Council on Exercise lists Hanging Leg Lowers as one of their six exercises for a stronger core. The DFT has Back Support, which will help you control your movement and protect your lower back.

Whatever your fitness level, the Doorway Fitness Tower will add variety to your workouts and challenge you to become stronger and fitter every day. It's a simple piece of equipment that gives you the opportunity to work your entire body without taking up a lot of space in your home. When you're ready to start building the strongest version of yourself, contact us and get your own DFT.