The Best Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym September 05 2017


The-Best-Fitness-Equipment-for-Your-Home-GymSpend five minutes on YouTube and you'll find thousands of videos demonstrating bodyweight workouts. This is a great way to exercise at home, but sometimes you need a little equipment to add variety to your workout and increase the challenge. Otherwise, you get bored and you stop seeing results.

The best fitness equipment requires very little maintenance, and it's versatile, easy to use, and easy to assemble and disassemble so you don't have a giant piece of equipment sitting in the middle of your living room 24 hours a day when you only need to use it for 30-60 minutes.

The Doorway Fitness Tower meets all those requirements and more:

Back Support

The Back Support on the DFT allows you to protect your lower back and control the balance of your body, preventing you from swinging back and forth to complete an exercise. This ensures your muscles are actually doing the work, so you'll see the results you're looking for. It makes the exercises, particularly abdominal exercises, safer and more effective.

Arm/Elbow Support

This support makes your exercises more comfortable, and, as with the Back Support, these are easily removable. This allows you to change exercises quickly, and it makes for easier storage. 

Unmatched Functionality

The unique parallel bars and multiple hand grips give you exercise options. Not only can you do more types of exercises on the DFT, you can also perform several variations of the same exercise to keep things interesting. For example, a simple change of the hand grip on a pull-up can create a brand new challenge.

This versatility also allows you to progress the exercises. Dips with your feet on the floor are great for a beginner. As you get stronger, simply raise the parallel bars and do unsupported dips. 

Don't forget you can also do stretches using the DFT! Take a look at our user manual for ideas and guidelines.


The DFT fits most standard door frames without screws, so there's no damage to your house! The Back Support and Arm Support features help you take care of your body as you challenge it, and the easy disassembly allows you to tuck the DFT away when you're not using it.

Large pieces of fitness equipment, like cardio machines and heavy weights, are always in the way: not only are they a bit of an eyesore, they're dangerous for children who may want to play with them. 


Imagine the hassle of bringing a treadmill into your home. It's heavy and awkward. 

The Doorway Fitness Tower is lightweight and small, even when it's set up in your doorway. When it comes time to take it down, it becomes smaller yet, and easily fits in a closet or under the bed until you're ready to use it again.

If you travel, you can take it with you! It fits in your suitcase and you can easily set it up in your hotel room or guest house. Take your workout on the road! That way, your travel schedule doesn't get in the way of your health and fitness.

In the end, the best fitness equipment is the piece you'll use! If you can see how the Doorway Fitness Tower will fit into your life and workout schedule, contact us. We'd love to see the DFT become a part of your fitness journey.