The Best At Home Workout Equipment To Reach Your Goals July 23 2018

      The Best At Home Workout Equipment To Reach Your GoalsThe majority of us want to be able to get in shape, but can't afford the ongoing cost of a gym or health club membership. Even if you are able to afford the cost, making a habit to get to the gym is another battle that is more often than not lost, leaving your wallet lighter and your body in the same composition. In fact, according to Statistic Brain, 67% of gym memberships go entirely unused. So instead of throwing money aimlessly at a health club membership that you won't regularly attend, invest in the proper at-home workout equipment that will get your body in shape and help you reach your fitness goals! 

       There are thousands of videos online to help you get started on your fitness journey from your own home, with or without the weights and equipment. But in order to get the full gym experience from home and attain noticeable results, you need to try the Doorway Fitness Tower (DFT). The Doorway Fitness Tower is the best way to reap the benefits of multiple machines in one easy to use system. It fits directly to your doorway of choice, and is easy enough to assemble and disassemble so that it can be stored away when it is not being used, if needed. 

       The Doorway Fitness Tower can be used in many different strength training routines, focusing not only on building upper body strength and back strength, but abdominal strength as well! It is versatile, easy to use, and convenient. No longer do you have to stumble over the multiple heavy, clunky weights taking up space throughout your home. With this one piece of equipment you can avoid gym-anxiety altogether, and get the workout you have always wanted - judgment free! 

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