DFT-250 for Black Friday Now from $150-180 free shipping November 22 2018

Why the DFT-250 is the Superior Home Gym.the-new-dft-250-stuff-to-consider-for-black-friday-now-from-150-180-free-shipping

The DFT, or the Doorway Fitness Tower, is a next level door gym that can be taken virtually anywhere. It takes the elements of the traditional door gym—which allows you to do a variety of exercises from home when you attach the equipment to a doorway—and adds the new and innovative parallel bars. With the addition of the parallel bars, the DFT can work out, stretch and strengthen practically the entire body. Want to know how? Let's get into some of the exercises that can be done using the DFT, which include the parallel bars.

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Achieve Your Most Functional Body Through Bodyweight Exercises September 10 2018

Achieve Your Most Functional Body Through Bodyweight Exercises So many people want to get functionally strong but either don't know where to begin, or they begin at too high of a level and never see efficient results. The best place to start, or continue, your best-body journey is with bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises allow you to accurately target specific muscle groups at the most fundamental level, your ability to push and pull your own weight. Of course, many people think mainly of push-ups and sit-ups when they hear the term "bodyweight exercise," but The Doorway Fitness Tower introduces the ability to work a variety of muscles by doing different variations of chin-ups, horizontal pull-ups, dips, vertical leg hip raises, and more. The Doorway Fitness Tower ultimately has a workout for anyone.

DFT Is An Affordable Solution When You Don't Feel Like Heading To The Gym September 06 2018

dft-is-an-affordable-solution-when-you-dont-feel-like-heading-to-the-gym Fitnatural's Doorway Fitness Tower (DFT) is your best solution when you just don't feel like driving to the gym. There are always times when all of us don't want to go to the gym, but we know it's important that we don't skip too many workouts. That's when it's great to have a Fitnatural DFT at home. You don't have to feel guilty about not going to a gym.
  • You don't feel like stopping by the gym on your way home from work for any number of reasons.
    • You need to let your dog(s) out.
    • You have to pick-up your child(ren).
    • You have to get dinner cooking for the company you have invited.

Why workout from home makes you lose weight faster September 03 2018

why-workout-from-home-makes-you-lose-weight-faster We all know workout will make us healthier, stronger, live longer and relax more. But every time we try to put a workout session into our crazy busy days, it just couldn't last long.  Just thinking about 30 minutes driving from your home to the gym, then another 30 minutes driving back, you already feel tired.  But if you don't go to the gym, how can you work out and how can you lose weight? Fortunately, instead of wasting 1 hour every day to drive back and forth to your gym, you can work out from home. And indeed, working out from home makes you lose weight faster.

A Powerful way to Burn Fat from your Lower Abs January 05 2018

absMany individuals spend a lot of time trying to achieve lean and sexy abs. They desperately search for a solution that can deliver fast results. When it comes to selecting the right abdominal exercise machine there are many different options to choose from. These devices range from the very basic to the very complex. The choices available can be quite overwhelming. The fitness industry recognizes the need for individuals who desire a healthy looking midsection.