Simple Solution to Stay in Shape at Home October 23 2018

Built By Professional Athletes 

Simple Solution to Stay in Shape at Home Fitnatural is powered by a two-man team who realized they needed a solution to work out at home. This two-man team combined their knowledge and workout needs from their professional athletic experiences. They not only wanted to design something they could use at home, but they also wanted to give anyone a simple solution to having a great workout at home. As they began to design the Doorway Fitness Tower, they took into account what was already out on the market. What they realized is that certain aspects were missing that they wanted and they felt were important.  

Thoughts Behind Building the Fitnatural DFT

  • Get more out of fitness videos. Many available fitness videos do not come with equipment. This led them to build something that people could combine with workout videos.
  • Complicated and bulky equipment does not work great in most homes. They concentrated on the ease of assembly and the ease of storage. Their goal was to offer a home gym that could be left in place or quickly removed and stored away. 
  • Versatility and size were two factors that guided their design. By designing a few removable, support features, they made their product more versatile to offer multiple exercises. Easily add or remove: the small, back support and the arm/elbow support pieces. 

Visual Instructions for Using a Fitnatural DFT

To help customers understand the many exercises that can be done with the Fitnatural solution, the team designed instruction pages that you can see at any time on their website. Their Program page along with their Muscle Group page will guide you to correctly using this home gym.

The Team at Fitnatural is Excited to Offer Their Solution

Ivan and Alexis, former Cuban National Track and Field athletes, are the team behind Fitnatural. They construct their DFT with quality parts to deliver a valuable return on investment. Their goal is to get their Doorway Fitness Tower to anyone wanting a simple way to stay in shape at home. When you are looking for a simple and affordable solution to a great home gym, Ivan and Alexis welcome your questions. They know that getting and staying in shape is part of a great lifestyle.