Melt Fat and Save Time With an Intense Home Workout December 05 2017

horizontal-pull-upDoes an intense 15-minute workout sound good to you? If so, consider combining two of the most effective and popular current exercise trends—bodyweight exercises and high intensity interval training (HITT). By designing your workout to include fast repetitions of simple and effective bodyweight movements, you'll not only burn fat and build muscle, you'll also be able to squeeze in a great workout when you might not otherwise find the time.

Using the Doorway Fitness Tower provides further convenience and saves time commuting back and forth to a gym. The basic and advanced exercises are easily adapted to a HITT routine. You might substitute explosive movements like jump squats and jump lunges or pick up the pace of your pull-ups and push-ups. Include brief (30- to 60-second) rest periods to let your heart rate stabilize between work intervals. Remember, you should not be able to talk easily while in an intense work phase.


Here's one formula for a 15-minute HITT session:


Work for 6 minutes, 1 minute rest

Work for 4 minutes, 1 minute rest

Work for 3 minutes


Alternatively, you could cycle through a series of intense movements for a certain amount of time. For example:


Jump squats for 30 seconds

Push-ups (or diagonal push-ups) for 30 seconds

Jumping lunges for 30 seconds

Pull-ups (or horizontal pull-ups) for 30 seconds

Repeat, then rest. 


For HIIT days, or slow and steady days, the Doorway Fitness Tower provides a dynamic platform for a wide array of effective bodyweight exercises that can be easily adapted to any fitness level. Contact us to learn more.