How to Get Good at Pull-ups June 30 2018

How to Get Good at Pull-ups Pull-ups are one of the most useful exercises for overall upper body strength and fitness. However, they can be very challenging.  If you want to increase the number of pull-up repetitions that you're able to do, or you would simply like to be able to do your first pull-up, here are a few reasons for why the Doorway Fitness Tower is the perfect tool for you:

  1. Horizontal bar.  Traditional vertical pull-ups require a lot of upper body strength and can be challenging for beginners.  While most pull-up bars only allow the user to do traditional vertical pull-ups, the DFT has a horizontal bar which allows horizontal pull-ups to be performed as well.  The horizontal pull-up is one of the best exercises for beginners.  This exercise allows your body weight to be partially supported by your legs, resulting in a less challenging, but equally as effective exercise for increasing pulling strength.
  2. Adjustable height.  The DFT's horizontal bar can be adjusted up or down.  This means that you can adjust how much weight is supported by your feet, changing the amount of strength required.  The closer your shoulders are to the ground and the further away your feet are, the harder it gets!
  3. Multiple hand grips.  The DFT contains many different hand grips which allow you to practice horizontal pull-ups from different angles and widths, resulting in different muscle groups being targeted.  You can use these different hand grips to hit up your back, chest, shoulders, and arms, resulting in a killer full upper-body workout that leaves no muscle group untouched.

If you're struggling to do your first vertical pull-up or simply want to get better at them, the Doorway Fitness Tower is the perfect tool for you. Crafted with high-grade steel and designed to fit nearly every door frame, this lightweight and easy to assemble fitness tool is perfect for your at home workouts.