Horizontal Pull-ups with the Doorway Fitness Tower July 09 2018

Horizontal pull-upIt's no secret that pull-ups are one of the most effective workouts for gaining strength throughout many parts of your back and upper-body, but many people struggle to do just one regular pull-up. The Doorway Fitness Tower includes a horizontal pull-up station which allows you to do different variations of pull-ups while using your legs as a support base. By doing so, you can target each group of muscles that are used when doing pull-ups and effectively work them instead of overloading them with your entire body's weight. Horizontal pull-ups with the Doorway Fitness Tower are the perfect workout for anyone who wants to increase their upper-body abilities and gain the strength needed to do pull-ups the right way. 

The video shows some of the many variations of horizontal pull-ups that you can do to increase your strength in important areas such as the traps, shoulders, biceps, deltoids, and even the core. For example, positions 1 and 7 (as they are labeled in the video) really emphasize the use of the deltoids and the traps, while positions 2 and 6 put a stronger focus on the arms; notice how the direction of the fist and where the bar is held alters between each position. Position 4 is a good one for experienced athletes who want to increase their core strength, balance, and single arm pull-up capabilities.

Anyone who wants to gain upper-body strength would be well advised to use the Doorway Fitness Tower because with it you have the power to decide how intense your workout will be and what specific areas you want to work on. Regular pull-up bars lack full versatility and are really only made for the hardest level of intensity. The Doorway Fitness Tower on the other hand has options for all beginners, pros, men, and women alike so anyone can experience the benefits of pull-ups the right way.

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