Home Exercise - Convenient and Accessible September 13 2017


Today's average person is busier than ever. Between work and family demands, social obligations, home maintenance responsibilities and commuting time, many people simply have very little time left in their schedule to commit to a time-consuming exercise plan. Often they have an "all or nothing" approach to exercise and since they cannot devote as much time to exercise as they would like, they simply do not exercise at all. This is precisely why we designed our Doorway Gym System. We give individuals access to an effective and easily accessible work out so they don't have to resign themselves to the damaging effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

The Struggle is Real

In an ideal world, every individual would have plenty of time to join a gym, work out with a personal fitness trainer and perhaps even achieve incredible fitness goals like competing in a marathon or trying out for "American Ninja Warrior". In reality, trying to fit reoccurring gym membership fees into a monthly budget would be a real struggle for many. In addition, time is a precious commodity for many individuals. Between work and family obligations, the time spent getting to and from the gym, along with the actual work out itself is too much of a demand on their daily schedule.

Life is about being in motion

Those who choose to find even a small amount of time every day to invest in their health through a home exercise plan can significantly decrease their chances of a serious health issue later in life. Consistent exercise is the key to developing and maintaining muscle strength, which in turn provides support for skeletal structures and allows one to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Our Doorway Fitness Tower is ideal for those who understand how important it is to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. It is convenient and available whenever you want to use it, and can be discreetly stored away after use.  Contact us for more information on how to begin your fitness journey today.


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