Four things you might not know about Fitness at home July 20 2018

Four things you might not know about Fitness at homeExercising at home can be daunting for some people. Do you have the proper equipment for a full body workout? Can you be motivated in your own home? The Doorway Fitness Tower is here to solve all your at home workout problems. The DFT provides a full body workout in one piece of equipment that is easily assembled and stored.


The DFT allows you to have a full body workout at home. You can target Arms, Abs, and Legs with just one piece of equipment. Use the Vertical Parallel Dip Bar for one of the best bodyweight exercises for your chest and triceps. The pull up bar allows you to target your back and biceps. The Doorway Fitness Tower has a small padded back support to decrease movement of the body and protect the lower back while working and burning fat from the lower abs. The DFT comes with programs which give you a ton of different workouts to target different areas all in one piece of equipment


Convenience is key when working out otherwise we just wouldn't get to it. Having the DFT fit into one doorway in your home is as easy as it gets. There's no need to rush to the gym when you can have it whenever or wherever you want it. The best part is that it's all in one place. You don't need to gather a bunch of different equipment to get a full body workout.


It's easy to get unmotivated when you must get up and drive to a gym. Being able to workout at home allows you to get up and just get to it. The Doorway Fitness Tower gives you all the motivation and confidence you need to get your workouts done at home.

Don't need to break the bank

Gym memberships can be expensive and at home, gyms can cost a fortune. You do not need to break the bank to get good workouts done in the convenience of your home. With the Doorway Fitness Tower, you only need to purchase one piece of equipment in order to get a full body workout at home.

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