Effective and Efficient Dips with the Doorway Fitness Tower July 06 2018

Dip Do you want to sculpt your triceps and chest but don't want to go to a crowded gym and follow a complicated "upper body" routine? Well, in today's world where there's an alternative option for just about anything there is also an alternative for complicated workout routines. The Doorway Fitness Tower turns that big bodyweight fitness tower you see in the gym into a compact and effective all-in-one home workout station that sets up easily in your doorway. With the Doorway Fitness Tower you can target every muscle in your body, but more specifically you can use it to sculpt your chest and arms doing dips.

Dips alone are one of the most highly efficient and effective tricep and chest workouts, and with the Doorway Fitness Tower beginners and professionals alike can do high quality and effective dips in a matter of minutes.

As you can see in the video, the Doorway Fitness Tower allows you to variate between assisted and unassisted dips. If you want to minimize resistance adjust the Doorway Fitness Tower so that the dipping handles are just above your waist when you stand between them, then do dips from a standing position using your legs to assist you which will also reduce the overall weight you are pushing. Your rep count can be decided by a trained doctor or professional, or you can simply do what feels comfortable if you don't have any health issues.

The more advanced athletes can increase the grit of the workout by adjusting the levels of support and assistance from the legs. To maximize intensity set the Doorway Fitness Tower up so the dipping grips are below the shoulders. Then grip the handles, bend your legs so they are off the ground, and execute the dips using only the strength of your arms and chest. If you're really a pro you can wear a weight vest while dipping to intensify your workout even more.

The Doorway Fitness Tower is ultimately the best alternative, and even replacement, for complicated gym routines because it brings all of the bodyweight workout options the gym has to you. Please feel free to browse our website to view all of your workout options and contact us with any questions.