Can I Use the Doorway Fitness Tower for P90X? December 04 2017

Good question. The answer is YES! 



dft-legsThe Doorway Fitness Tower can be used for a wide array of exercises, including virtually every bodyweight exercise performed in renowned home fitness programs like P90X. So if you are interested in a home fitness program, the DFT can be your most versatile and useful tool for completing it. You could even say the DFT goes a step further, by easily allowing you to vary your movement. With the DFT, you can perform modified moves to make a workout that might be too challenging at first a little easier. Simply substitute push ups with diagonal push ups or pull ups with horizontal pull ups until you get strong enough to perform the standard moves. 

You can also make the workout harder with DFT! If doing chair dips is getting a little stale or you do not have the proper chair for it, then you can do your dips on the DFT, suspended in the air. This will be a huge bonus to your chest and tricep strength as you complete your home fitness program. And if the crunch or leg lifting exercises from the ab routine are too dull, they can easily be replaced with some vertical leg hip raises on your DFT. It becomes easy to vary your workout to suit your needs when you are using the DFT. In addition to the versatility of the DFT, it is highly portable, so you can essentially take the gym with you wherever you go!

If you would like more information on the Doorway Fitness Tower and how it can help you to your fitness goals, please contact us.