Best Way to Burn Fat from your Lower Abs October 04 2017


The abdominal area is often a difficult area to tone and flatten for a variety of reasons.  A sedentary lifestyle often includes extensive amounts of sitting which tends to weaken lower back muscles, which in turn weakens many of the muscles in the abdominal area.  Unless an individual consistently and purposefully engages in targeted exercises for the lower back and abdominal regions, over time, the muscles in these areas become weak, and unfortunately, weak ab muscles lead to an unattractive paunch.  Fortunately, there are effective ways to target the abdominal area specifically to tighten the ab muscles while strengthening the lower back area as well.  With consistent use, targeted ab exercises can redefine the look and tone of the abdominal region, including the obliques.

The Old Vs. The New

Often people turn to classic abs exercises like crunches or sit-ups with less than ideal results.  These types of traditional abs exercises often serve only to irritate the cervical and head regions, without doing anything for the lower back area and not much more for the abdominal region.  Our Doorway Fitness Tower includes a parallel bar which allows individuals to specifically target their troublesome abdominal spots while strengthening the lower back as well.  By using the parallel bar and zeroing in on both areas, users of the DFT stop wasting their time doing ineffective exercises that potentially have harmful side effects.  Instead, they focus on exercises like the vertical leg hip raise, which is one of the most targeted and effective exercises available to redefine the abdominal area. 

If you want to know more about targeted exercises for strengthening and toning the abdominal, oblique and lower back areas with our doorway tower system, please contact us!