Best Pull Up Bar - Strong and Healthy Back November 11 2017

Pull-Up-BarHaving a healthy back is essential to maintaining good posture and provides the strength to perform countless activities in a person's life.  Without strong muscles in the back area, over time the entire region along the spinal column eventually becomes weak.  The spinal column of course, connects to virtually every vital function of the body.  If an individual wants to maintain overall good health, they're going to need strong shoulder and back muscles that can properly support their spine.

The Doorway Fitness Tower helps individuals do just that by offering the perfect tool that allows them to strengthen their shoulders, biceps and trapezius muscles, along with other essential muscles in the back.  Our fitness tower allows individuals to complete a variety of exercises, including the horizontal pull up, which is a premiere exercise that firms, tones and strengthens all the muscles essential for proper spinal support.  The horizontal pull up exercise is ideal for women, for those who are just starting out with a strengthening routine, or anyone else who feels they lack upper body strength and wants to find a safe exercise they can actually perform.  With other back strengthening exercises, sometimes individuals simply cannot do them at all, or they may try but end up injuring themselves because the exercise is too advanced.

Once individuals begin to see the results from strengthening their back, like better posture, less neck and shoulder strain from simple tasks like sitting or working at a desk, and an increased ability to perform basic tasks around their home and yard, they'll appreciate what a healthy back and spinal column can do for them.  Want to know more about our fitness tower and what it can do for your all-around health?  Contact us!