Dip on Parallel Bar-Best Exercises for Tricep and Chest Muscles October 11 2017

dip-on-parallel-barAlmost everyone at some point in their lives is less than satisfied with the muscle tone on the back of their arms. This area is well-known for being difficult to strengthen and tone, yet it is also one of the areas most exposed, especially when wearing short-sleeved shirts or bathing suits.  Having attractive arms helps give a person confidence as they go about their daily lives, so it naturally follows that people want to find effective exercises they can perform to accomplish their fitness goals for their arms.

The chest area is very important as well.  Everyone loves the look that a strong, well-toned chest area presents to the public and a strong chest is also important to provide the proper support for the spine.  In addition, strong chest muscles can help make difficult physical tasks easier to perform and a strong chest also helps individuals maintain good posture.  

Our Doorway Fitness Tower system can help play an integral role in toning and strengthening both these vital areas, no matter where on the fitness spectrum a person first begins.  One of the most effective exercises for strengthening the triceps along with other upper body areas is dip exercises.  The parallel bar offered with our DFT system allows individuals to perform dip exercises, while still accommodating their fitness level.  Beginners can start out with a modified version of the dip and then continue to advance to a more intermediate level.  If you are already physically fit and want to maintain your current progress, our parallel bar allows users to perform advanced dip exercises that will challenge muscles throughout the chest, arm and shoulder areas.

Whether you want to create or maintain strong, attractive upper body muscles, the Doorway Fitness Tower can help you succeed.