Achieve Your Most Functional Body Through Bodyweight Exercises September 10 2018

Achieve Your Most Functional Body Through Bodyweight ExercisesSo many people want to get functionally strong but either don't know where to begin, or they begin at too high of a level and never see efficient results. The best place to start, or continue, your best-body journey is with bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises allow you to accurately target specific muscle groups at the most fundamental level, your ability to push and pull your own weight. Of course, many people think mainly of push-ups and sit-ups when they hear the term "bodyweight exercise," but The Doorway Fitness Tower introduces the ability to work a variety of muscles by doing different variations of chin-ups, horizontal pull-ups, dips, vertical leg hip raises, and more. The Doorway Fitness Tower ultimately has a workout for anyone.

Beginners can start with exercises such as assisted dips (the 3rd example in the video) which really work the chest and tricep muscles. Assisted dips consist of the full dipping motion but with help from the legs. Beginners can also try different variations of horizontal pull-ups to work on their back and arms, or they can do vertical leg hip raises to work on their core. Horizontal pull-ups allow anyone to work all the same muscles that regular pull-ups and chin-ups do, the difference being that horizontal pull-ups allow you to use support from your legs.

For the more experienced athlete, bodyweight exercises with The Doorway Fitness Tower can help increase muscle capability and endurance. For example, if you can't do a regular single arm pull-up but you want to, try position 4 of horizontal pull-ups which will increase your single arm abilities without over-straining your body. To increase your muscles' endurance, push yourself to do as many reps of the different workouts as possible. Muscle endurance is one of the most important aspects of muscle functionality because it allows you to continue exerting force even when you're tired. Many of the best athletes can knock out 50 dips, 50 chin-ups, and 50 vertical leg lifts easily.

The ultimate versatility of The Doorway Fitness Tower allows anyone to achieve their most functional body. It comes ready to assemble, is compact so it fits in your doorway, and is easy to put away when your workout is finished. To learn more, please visit our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.