Achieve your Best Body at Home in the New Year! December 10 2017

dft-absEach January, it happens in most gyms across the country - the "New Year's Resolution Effect". Armed with a renewed commitment to fitness, men and women flood gyms in droves. Suddenly, there are long waits for the treadmill, the free weights have disappeared and the machines are all occupied. Frustrated, many people head home and pop in a workout DVD or start doing endless pushups. Bored and uninspired, most end their fitness quest after a few weeks and resolve to try again next year.  Fit Natural has created the perfect solution to this age-old problem - The Doorway Fitness Tower!  This year, instead of a gym membership, give the gift of home fitness. The Doorway Fitness Tower (DFT) is an innovative way to get an amazing full body workout - all from the comfort of home. In just 12-18 minutes, you will achieve amazing cardiovascular benefits while building strong, lean muscles.

The DFT system delivers a total-body powerhouse workout - hitting all angles of the abs, obliques, chest, triceps, biceps, legs, and shoulders.  You can also perform a variety of stretches to improve flexibility. A single session of tricep dips, leg raises, squats and pull-ups, deliver all the results you would get at the gym, without the extra frustration and excessive membership costs. 

Plus, it's fast and easy to set up the system at home. Slide it in a doorway and you are ready to workout. 

Interested in learning more? Click here to learn about the Doorway Fitness Tower System, the perfect home gym solution.