3 Tips to Burn Serious Fat From Your Lower Abs October 17 2018

3 Tips to Burn Serious Fat From Your Lower AbsIf you've ever tried to burn fat from your belly, then you already know how tough it can be. No matter how hard your work your abs, or how strong they get, you just can't seem to persuade that layer of fat to melt away so you can show off all that hard work you've done.The problem, though, is that abdominal exercise does not necessarily translate to burning abdominal fat. Instead, consider the following methods for putting those hard-earned muscles on display.

Tip #1: Don't Skip Your Cardio

If you've ever wondered why runners, swimmers, etc. all seem to have sleek, low-fat builds it's because high-intensity cardio workouts are one of the best ways to burn that belly fat. As Livestrong points out, it doesn't matter if you're dancing, running, biking, swimming, or doing something else, any kind of high-intensity cardio workout is going to burn a lot of fat.

Tip #2: Focus on Big Muscle Groups

Whether you're lifting weights or your body, you also need to focus on big muscle groups in order to burn fat and add muscle according to Bodybuilding. Whether you're doing bench presses and deadlifts, or you're doing wall squats, push-ups, and pull-ups, the key is to focus on the muscle groups like buttocks, chest, shoulders, etc. that engage large parts of your body in order to get maximum results. A doorway workout station is ideal for this, as exercises from leg swings to pull-ups are available in the comfort of your own home.

Tip #3: Remember That You Are What You Eat

There's an old saying that none of us want to hear; a 6-pack is made in the kitchen, not the gym. Because while exercise is an important component in burning that stubborn lower belly fat, you also need to make sure you're eating healthy, and in the right amounts. Avoiding sugar and breads, while increasing your protein intake, is a good place to start according to Health Line.

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