The Best At Home Workout Equipment To Reach Your Goals July 23 2018

the-best-at-home-workout-equipment-to-reach-your-goals The majority of us want to be able to get in shape, but can't afford the ongoing cost of a gym or health club membership. Even if you are able to afford the cost, making a habit to get to the gym is another battle that is more often than not lost, leaving your wallet lighter and your body in the same composition. In fact, according to Statistic Brain, 67% of gym memberships go entirely unused. So instead of throwing money aimlessly at a health club membership that you won't regularly attend, invest in the proper at-home workout equipment that will get your body in shape and help you reach your fitness goals! 

Four things you might not know about Fitness at home July 20 2018

Exercising at home can be daunting for some people. Do you have the proper equipment for a full body workout? Can you be motivated in your own home? The Doorway Fitness Tower is here to solve all your at home workout problems. The DFT provides a full body workout in one piece of equipment that is easily assembled and stored.

Horizontal Pull-ups with the Doorway Fitness Tower July 09 2018

Horizontal pull-up It's no secret that pull-ups are one of the most effective workouts for gaining strength throughout many parts of your back and upper-body, but many people struggle to do just one regular pull-up. The Doorway Fitness Tower includes a horizontal pull-up station which allows you to do different variations of pull-ups while using your legs as a support base. By doing so, you can target each group of muscles that are used when doing pull-ups and effectively work them instead of overloading them with your entire body's weight. Horizontal pull-ups with the Doorway Fitness Tower are the perfect workout for anyone who wants to increase their upper-body abilities and gain the strength needed to do pull-ups the right way. 

Effective and Efficient Dips with the Doorway Fitness Tower July 06 2018

effective-and-efficient-dips-with-the-doorway-fitness-tower Do you want to sculpt your triceps and chest but don't want to go to a crowded gym and follow a complicated "upper body" routine? Well, in today's world where there's an alternative option for just about anything there is also an alternative for complicated workout routines. The Doorway Fitness Tower turns that big bodyweight fitness tower you see in the gym into a compact and effective all-in-one home workout station that sets up easily in your doorway. With the Doorway Fitness Tower you can target every muscle in your body, but more specifically you can use it to sculpt your chest and arms doing dips.

How to Get Good at Pull-ups June 30 2018

how-to-get-good-at-pull-ups Pull-ups are one of the most useful exercises for overall upper body strength and fitness. However, they can be very challenging.  If you want to increase the number of pull-up repetitions that you're able to do, or you would simply like to be able to do your first pull-up, here are a few reasons for why the Doorway Fitness Tower is the perfect tool for you:

    The Power and Versatility of Bodyweight Exercise June 16 2018

    he-power-and-versatility-of-bodyweight-exerciseYou don't need a gym full of equipment to exercise. Your own bodyweight provides all the resistance you need to get an effective workout. Especially as you progress, you'll be looking for more ways to vary your bodyweight workouts.

    Why a Strong Core Is More Important Than Flashy Abs June 09 2018

    Core Building strong core muscles is about more than killer abs. The core encompasses the lower back, obliques, and upper, middle, and lower abdominal muscles. Together, this powerhouse supports the body's postural chain. Core strength is essential for erect posture, good balance, and countering the forward slump that often occurs from too much sitting. A few daily exercises to strengthen the core can help you stand taller and move with more power and confidence. The Doorway Fitness Tower makes it easy to perform core exercises at home. No mat or floor equipment needed! Remember, for maximum benefits, to keep your core muscles engaged as you perform these exercises. Imagine that you're always pulling your belly button toward your spine.   

    The Solution For People Who Want To Do Pull-Ups, But Can't June 07 2018

    Horizontal pull ups Contrary to popular belief, the ability to do a pull-up doesn't mean that you are stronger than someone who cannot. This is why many people are under the impression that hitting the gym and lifting weights will aid them in their quest to master the pull-up bar, but that's not necessarily the case. Quite frankly, the muscles that are used when attempting a pull-up are inconveniently placed and not usually reached through conventional exercises. Because pull-up training focuses on very specific muscles that require very specific exercises, the DFT is the perfect fit for your 'beginner' needs. Instead of installing a regular pull-up bar in your home, you would benefit more from our product that is uniquely designed to walk you through your training from beginner to beast.

    The Doorway Fitness Tower: The Best Home Fitness Equipment May 30 2018

    doorway-fitness-tower Exercising at home is increasingly common, as it's often more affordable than a gym membership, and convenient. Today there are countless fitness videos available immediately, and tons of workouts anyone can do without equipment. But to exercise more efficiently, basic equipment can go a long way. With the Doorway Fitness Tower (DFT), you can get a full-body workout without having to buy heavy, costly machinery. The DFT is affordable and its unique features make it a must-have for anyone trying to get in, or stay in, shape. Some of DFT's best features include:

    Best Way to Burn Fat from your Lower Abs: Fast and Easy Results Using the DFT in the Doorway System April 02 2018

    dip leg hip raise Tired of that roll of excess weight that is so hard to get rid of? Have you had enough of those useless at home exercises you find on Pinterest? Finally DFT has invented an at-home system that gives a whole new meaning to your workouts. The in the Doorway System is designed to give you the opportunity to work all of your muscles evenly, and without the hassle of having to leave your home. Its newest feature allows you to exercise your abdominals and oblique on a parallel bar, ensuring a rewarding result. In order to shape up that difficult lower stomach area, the two most highly recommended workouts are;